We are Frosio Bortolo, a handle manufacturer with over 70 years of family history. That being said, we have always been more concerned with looking forward, rather than looking back. We are a 100% Italian company that has expanded its vision over time, going from the purely manufacturing space to a commercial enterprise, with two highly recognised brands on the market.


Style, research, creativity. Forme brings together Frosio Bortolo quality production and talented international designers who share our values. It is a collaboration that breathes new life into everyday handles which are suitable for all interior design needs, from the minimal look through classic designs and right up to the most contemporary trends.

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Art, history, elegance. Class expresses the best Frosio Bortolo artisan traditions with a series of handles and bathroom items that reinterpret authentic Italian luxury. Inspired by timeless beauty, it’s a brand where the experience of master engravers is clear for all to see.

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Frosio Bortolo is the name of the founder of the company and it is still run by the family today, with Pietro Frosio and his two sons Omar and Marco now leading the business. Knowledge, skills and passion have been handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing, today as then, products of the highest quality.

Work ethics
Respect, honesty and transparency are core values ​​that we communicate across all levels. This includes employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Attention to detail
We do not believe perfection truly exists, but that doesn’t stop us from constantly seeking it. An obsessive attention to detail to offer our customers a superior experience.

The value of ideas
Technology may be essential to innovate and grow, but ideas, imagination and the unique genius of the human being are what drive change. People and talents deserve to be valued day by day.

Sustainable Evolution
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through new generation technological processes, such as the Ecotech® metal coating, and being environmentally minded when developing our sites.

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