“There is no future without respect for the environment”  Jane Goodall
Aware of duties that a company have in respect of the territory where it works, over the last few years, we have worked hard to reduce the environmental impact relating to our work processes. It is thanks to this innovative technological process of metals coating ECOTECH®, if we can proudly say that we are respecting this commitment.

This innovative method, using nanotechnology, has as peculiarity that the coating take place in a vacuum environment. This proceeding is characterised by a dry, cold and without chimical products process. The metals used are in infinitesimal quantities allows industry to manipulate molecules and atoms on a tiny scale-one billionth of a meter. This pollution free manufacturing technology produces negligible waste and minimal energy  is used to realize products that are amazingly light, economical, strong, intelligent and durable.

Conversely, electroplating or galvanization involves toxic chemicals. These procedures are harmful to the environment and potentially lethal to personnel.  The production costs and health inspections required, the huge use of water and electricity to maintain a standard production plant are almost 10 times that of sputtering.


    • Cleaner technology:
      more than any other coating techniques
    • High resistance to abrasion
    • High chemical resistance
    • Uniform coating
    • Unbreakable bond between the film and the
      substrate (welded together at a molecular level)
    • possibilities of achieving innovative colors


The coating technology ECOTECH® is employed for both products, in brass and in zamak.