Welcome in Frosio Bortolo.
Frosio Bortolo is an industrial reality that, for more than 60 years, produces and commercialises handles and articles for doors and windows. Frosio Bortolo is the owner of the prestigious  brands forme® and Class®.

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From 30 March to 2 April
we will be present at the MosBuild in Moscow.
Crocus Expo | DOORS & LOCKS Sectors
Pavilion 3 – Hall 14 – Stand F1103


forme® Line

Style and Quality without compromises.

“Modern, classic and minimal, many styles enclosed in a single brand”

forme® represents the perfect union between modernity and classicism, in its four lines: Fashion, Epoque, Vintage and Basic, where take place design items with a refined style, products with more simple and elegant shapes and minimal objects with an essential and well…

Class® Line

Real italian handicraft products.

“Beauty, passion and the attention for the details make the original italian style that relieves in each of our creations”

The Class®’s brand products represent the autentically craftsman’s tradition in the realisation and the processing work of metals items. All the creations are present in Classic and Light collections and they are the result of the taste and competences of talented master engravers…

The structures

If it’s true that the first impression is all that counts, when you arrive at Frosio Bortolo it is evident the intention, also through the architecture, to transmitting the company values: the soundness and the beauty. In fact, you are welcomed by an imposing structure where stones and large windows coexist in an elegant balance between ancient and modern architectural styles. Inside the structure there are the directional centre of the company, the broad warehouse where stocks materials are held,the products assembly areas and the cleaning department with the modern robotic islands. Not more than 1 km far it is located the second establishment. This structure was the first headquarters and today It host the majority part of the production and processing activities of our products.

FROSIO BORTOLO - LOGO 2021 - positivo bianco

The force of an Italian Group

The Design

Innovation and tradition, normally considered not to be compatible, find a meeting point in Frosio Bortolo’s style. This uniqueness is due to the mode how we approach the development of the forms and the style of our models. The secret is to succeed in combining the work of talented artisans, to which we entrust the realisation of wood prototypes for brand Class®, and the creative power guarantee by our design office, which is the origin of our branded products forme®

Italian Design
since 1952

The Production

100% Made in Italy

At the basis of our business effort there has always been the awareness that work quality is the major business card for a company. This is the reason why we have always realized all the stages of the production process, from the fusion to the assembly, inside the nation border. We could say that the near entierty of our processing work take place as “zero miles product” ….

Ecotechh®. Eco friendly technology.

“There is no future without respect for the environment”  Jane Goodall
Aware of duties that a company have in respect of the territory where it works, over the last few years, we have worked hard to reduce the environmental impact relating to our work processes. It is thanks to this innovative technological process of metals coating ECOTECH®, if we can proudly say that we are respecting this commitment.


Registered Office
Via Nuova 22/A
25070 Preseglie (BS)

Operational Office
Via Ferriera, 1
25070 Preseglie (BS)

Phone: +39 0365 826300
Fax: +39 0365 869351